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Tax Residency in Antigua

Since 1995, Antigua and Barbuda have offered non-citizens a Permanent Residency Program, allowing individuals to establish a tax residency within the country and enjoy Antigua tax rates. The benefits of this program are several, including no income tax, inheritance tax, or wealth tax on worldwide income or assets. You will be exempt from paying taxes to the country you are coming from and will only have to Antigua personal income tax rates.

However, obtaining tax residency requires thorough planning, and various administrative and regulatory requirements have to be satisfied, including the investment of real estate, opening a bank account, etc. Our team of industry professionals at Relocate Antigua is highly experienced in this field and can assist clients step-by-step throughout the entire process.

We will even go the extra mile by physically accompanying you to the required bureaus and departments. Upon request and equipped with the appropriate power of attorney, we will even take over the issue completely and take care of everything for you.

Tax Residency in Antigua and-barbuda
Tax Residency in Antigua


Before you are officially a part of the Antigua and Barbuda tax haven, several conditions need to be fulfilled:

First you must apply for residency. Applying to be a resident involves different stipulations and requirements. It is done through the Permanent Residency Program under certain terms and conditions:

  • You must spend at least 30 days a year in Antigua and Barbuda
  • You must lease or purchase property in the country
  • Your annual income must exceed USD 100,000
  • You must pay a flat rate of USD 20,000 in tax per year to contribute to Antigua sales tax.

The 183 day rule

If you are present in Antigua for 183 days a year, you are eligible to become a resident for tax purposes for that year.

To apply to the program, investors need to provide a bank reference, two personal references, birth certificate and passport copies, a police conduct certificate, a medical report, and proof of lease or title of their residential property in Antigua and Barbuda, amongst other documents.

Individuals who qualify for the program will be issued a permanent residency certificate, as well as a tax identification number.

Unsure whether this is the right decision for you?

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Residency Program in Antigua and ways in which we can guide you through it, to make the procedure as seamless for you as possible.

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