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Notary Services

A notary is an individual appointed by the government to serve as a witness mainly in the execution of important documents with the intention of preventing fraudulent activities.

Roles of the Notary Public in Antigua

  • Administer oats and affirmations
  • Take affidavits
  • Witness and validate documents
  • Identifying and reporting fraud
  • Providing notarial seal for authorized documents
  • Handling of legal documents such as deeds, marriage and divorce certificates, contracts and loan documents.

Notary publics may also notarize certified translations that you may need to conduct legal business in or for Antigua.

Notary services are required to notarize the documents that you will need for legal procedures such as acquiring an Antiguan Passport or acquiring a work permit. The documents that you need will have to be notarized to prevent fraud and to guarantee that they are properly executed. There are certain areas that the notary public will consider before giving their authorization of the documents. These include:

  • Your identity- The notary will need to confirm your identity for security purposes. You will need to provide valid general personal identification such as a passport so that the notary can enter this into his/her registry.
  • Willing signers- The notary will need to prove that the signer of the documents have signed the documents willingly and were not forced or cohereced as this also counts as a fraudulent act.
    If you are trying to obtain legal documents in Antigua such as a work permit, Visa, or Antigua passport, you may most likely need to notarize certain documents to go with your application.
Certified- notary translation

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Whatever the purpose or requirement, there are experienced Notary publics in Antigua that will carry out all notarial services you require. Relocate Antigua will guide you through all the steps from finding a professional and trusted Notary Public to collect and verify that your documents are indeed correctly notified.

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