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Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, along with a number of other cryptocurrencies, are constantly gaining popularity in the economic market. In light of this, the government of Antigua and Barbuda plans to adopt Blockchain technologies into their economic climate, setting up a cryptocurrency exchange. 

A Blockchain is a decentralized database technology, which can be used as an accounting system for cryptocurrencies. What makes Blockchains so unique is that they are virtually tamper-proof and therefore, play an important role when it comes to secure exchange of sensitive information such as financial transactions. 

The government of Antigua and Barbuda knows about the importance of cryptocurrencies and although there are no current investment opportunities in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, there are plans to soon include Bitcoin as a form of payment for the Citizenship by Investment program.  

Authorities in St. John, Antigua’s capital, believe that cryptocurrencies will boost the Caribbean nation’s economy which is primarily based on tourism. Therefore, investing in this market when it is fully established could present great opportunities for your company. With Antigua and Barbuda looking like a likely leader in this adoption of  blockchain technology throughout the sovereign state, and with cryptocurrency transactions growing in popularity, ample business opportunities in the digital currency market for start-ups, SMEs and established companies alike are emerging in the country. Businesses looking to relocate to Antigua and Barbuda are presented with an open opportunity to enjoy the perks of the digital currency industry. 

Digital assets – Bitcoin in Antigua

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