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The benefits of investing in Antigua and Barbuda, both as a place to live and to launch or grow a business, are numerous. At Relocate Antigua, we are here to advise, guide and assist you throughout the process of managing your investments and new business developments, through our vast list of services.

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What makes Antigua and Barbuda an attractive investment destination?

Besides offering compelling financial incentives, the country also possesses a stable political body and rigorous protection and enforcement when it comes to protecting the investor. Other than that, Antigua’s business environment is constantly growing, consequently attracting businessmen and investors from across the globe, and having the Government identify the tourism and financial services sectors as priority investment sectors.

Relocate Antigua can assist you closely with any type of investment; from investing in agriculture, to larger industries such as the emerging Medical Cannabis industry, and Citizenship by Investment. Browse through our portfolio to see how we can be of the greatest benefit to you during this pivotal period.


From business relocation, to more personal matters such as  education and housing services, we are here to help you. Browse through our vast service portfolio or let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will match your requirements with a tailor-made approach.


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