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Bank Evaluation

The banking sector in Antigua and Barbuda is the second largest in the Eastern Caribbean region.

There are several banks in Antigua and each brings along with it its own unique set of properties. Take advantage of our bank evaluation services. The form of banking you need may vary. Whether you are interested in private banking, corporate banking, retail bankingo banking in Antigua or business banking, Relocate Antigua will assist you in finding the bank or credit union to fit your needs.

Our highly skilled industry professionals will help you to find a bank or credit union that is tailored specifically towards your personal and business needs.

Banks in Antigua

Credit Unions

  • St John’s Cooperative Credit Union
  • Community First Cooperative Credit Union

When it comes to selecting trustworthy banks in Antigua and Barbuda, there are many factors to consider:


Consider choosing a bank depending on fee type and structure.

  • Monthly maintenance fees
  • ATM withdrawal fees
  • Wire transfer fees

Online Banking features

Picking a bank that offers online banking in Antigua is the best choice so that you can easily access your account through your phone or computer anywhere and at any time. Mobile banking is a necessity nowadays. Most banks in Antigua offer this feature and we will ensure that the one you choose is online friendly.

Physical Accessibility

It is best to consider a bank with more than one branch to have the advantage of bypassing long bank lines.

Bank Evaluation

Relocate Antigua will provide you in-depth information on different banks in Antigua and Barbuda, including offshore banks in Antigua and guide you in choosing the one that is right for you. Furthermore, should you need to be connected with a bank that is overseas for international banking purposes, we will help you find an Antigua overseas bank that will take care of your international banking and financial needs. If you are coming from a non-English speaking country and your documents require translating, we offer various translation services including certified translation.

What’s Next?

Once you have chosen which bank to use, your next step will be to chose what type of account you would like to open. You can find more information on this process here.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us assist you with all your banking needs.

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